Why We Need This Program

Each year crisis strikes a department employee or a member of their family. When an employee is dealing with tragedy coworkers are often the first to pass the hat and offer support, but there is still an urgent need to develop a structured program that can provide support to those who need it. The Axes in Arms program will provide a long-term resource for participating employees, to assist them when tragedy strikes.


Why the Program Was Created

We have great internal organizations that step up in a time of crisis, but now through the Axes in Arms we will have the ability to help each other long into the future through member contributions, private donations, and corporate sponsorships. By collectively pulling our resources through small paycheck deductions we can accumulate a substantial fund that will provide meaningful support when it is most needed.


Who the Program Will Serve

Every employee of the Tucson Fire Department and Fire Communications is eligible to join the Axes in Arms Program. Only contributing employees may apply for assistance. Eligible employees include:

  • Uniform employees
  • Civilian Employees
  • Fire Communications Employees


How Much Does It Cost

Membership in the Axes in Arms Program requires a pretax paycheck deduction of $5.00 per pay period or an annual contribution of $130.00. Your contribution to the program is completely tax deductible!


Who Manages the Fund

  • A committee of representatives both commissioned and civilian, from TFD and Fire Communications.
  • Representatives from TFFA Local 479 
  • Tucson Old Pueblo Employees Credit Union